do other girls actually go to bed with their bras on or is that just in movies because i would never wear a bra to bed its like going to bed with tape on your mouth


I don’t know who I love more


I don’t know who I love more

I am done with not feeling like a lady in this relationship. I wanted the occasional bouquet of flowers (maybe even a single flower!!) and at least one date a month where he pays for me.

Do I even get those two little things? NO. I FUCKING DON’T.

No tiny trinkets. No little things made for me. No flowers. No real dates.

He spends his money on video games and FUCKING YUGIOH CARDS. He’s 23!!!! GROW THE FUCK UP.

I have to clean for him, cook for him, motivate him to buy new clothes since he’s been wearing his high school and middle school clothes (yes, middle school!!!!!!) and also pay for most of the car we were planning on getting together. I have to make him brush his teeth and wash his fucking ASS everytime he takes a shower.

His Mother fucking sucks for not helping him (or any of her ‘boys’ grow up… meaning her 30 something year olds where one recently moved out and the other that’s almost 30 still lives in her basement rent free!!!!!!!) develop into a man.

I’m not doing jack anymore. I’m his mother, his friend, and his friend with benefits. Not gonna happen anymore. Not gonna happen.

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I know stuff like this gets posted daily on Tumblr, but this is an issue really close to home for me, so I need to share it in hopes that even one person will help.

A few weeks ago, my friend’s mother Sandra Kerner was killed by her boyfriend in a murder-suicide. She was holding their 7-week-old baby when he shot her from behind with a shotgun. The baby miraculously survived the ordeal—only to be taken into custody by the killer’s parents.

My friend and his sister, with the help of the man who is technically Sandra’s husband (a divorce was in process before she was murdered), are furious and are hoping to reclaim Sandra’s baby from these two people who clearly couldn’t even raise their own child right.

Here are parts of what’s on the fundraiser page:

I am Charles Kerner, the Husband of Sandra Kerner. We were separated and have a child together but still had a wonderful friendship (…) Late Sunday night or early Monday morning, Sandy’s abusive boyfriend SHOT AND KILLED Sandy by shooting her in the back with a shotgun. Her 7 week old baby was present and sustained non life threatening injuries. According to the sheriff’s office, he (the boyfriend) texted his mother and told her to come get the baby, then went outside and shot himself (…) we are trying to get custody of Sandy’s 7 week old baby. We feel that the baby belongs with her siblings, not the grandparents of the murderer (…) we can financially support the child, but we are struggling to pay these attorney fees in order to fight for custody. If donations are made, every dime will go towards keeping these children together. Should we receive an overage of money, then we will donate the balance to SARC which is a local organization that assists battered and abused women. Any help however small is appreciated. I have plenty of news articles to prove all of this and pictures of the couch and carpet that are stained with my wife’s blood that I was forced to see (…) This has been unbearable for my 15 year old and she is now in counseling as well. She wants her sister home with us. Not living with the murderer’s parents. This is her last tie to her mother that was taken from her.

He has already raised $4,000: almost 1/3rd of the fundraising goal, which is $15,000!! Legal fees for this kind of drawn-out custody battle can be overwhelming, so every penny added towards the goal will help. Please consider donating if you can. If you can’t, please help me spread this post like wildfire!

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That’s why I’m so harsh, because I’m so sensitive. —Tupac - insignif (via perfect)
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How people imagine asexuals/aromantics are


How they really are



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